Dare to Be Stupid - 2011
Seven years ago, I had not yet figured out what path my artwork would take me. I had a good career and for the first time started making money, but I was unhappy with my creative output. I had done some small resin figures but largely they were ignored and I lost money on each release. I also found out (the hard way) I have extremely allergic to resin fumes and broke out in severe hives on my face.

Something clicked for me one day when I put pen to paper in a sketchbook and just started making a quick messy drawing. For the first time I didn't care about how it looked, if it was anatomically correct, or who would eventually see it. I learned to be in the moment of creation. From there I started voraciously filling up sketchbooks, setting the goal to do one a month. I would in keep with that promise to myself for the next two plus years, sometimes filling up more than one.

It didn't matter if the work was good, I just had to be prolific about it.

Eventually, I had enough drawings and an idea for show. Aubergine Cafe, in Woodside Queens, was my daily hang out. It has such a great vibe. Good food, great coffee, brick walls...cozy & a good place for creativity.
I struck up a friendship with the owner Gary and he agreed to let me have the place to myself one night for a gallery exhibit. I called it - DARE TO BE STUPID, after the Weird Al song (and my personal philosophy).


I printed all these drawings onto vellum paper and then suspended them over a installation of fluorescent lighting. 

The far wall held three large paintings. My neighbor at the time was nice enough to buy one! 

We took all the food out of the display case and replace them with resin figures. Those Tankheads are probably worth a small fortune now, but I don't think anyone bought any that night. 

Some other resin figures on sale.

It was a horrendous thunderstorm right before the opening and not many people showed up. Looking back on it, I'm slightly embarrassed by the work, but not by the effort. I think it's important to put yourself out there and get in front of every single person you can, even if you are largely ignored for a decade or so. 

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