Dare To Dream - #DreamJournaling2019Challenge

Hi all!

In collaboration with my dear friend Abbey Sy (Author & Artist), we came up with a challenge list for January. Announcing it first here so you guys can get ready if you're interested in another challenge hehe!

The aim for this one is to prepare one's mental state through journaling and visualizing. Setting goals is really important if you want to achieve a certain dream within a period of time. It is more fun and motivating if you have fellow online friends / community members who do the same ... and that is why Abbey & I teamed up so we can all inspire each other through creative journaling & sharing through social media.

I will be using my Rainbowholic notebook for this challenge and I'm so excited to share my setup video (hint for the content reward soon haha) so you can also have some extra ideas on how to prepare and the like.

More posts regarding this challenge soon! As a dedicated creator, I don't want you guys to just consume my content. I want you to have the courage or inspiration to create your own stuff too. If you haven't tried this before, I suggest just trying a few pages / prompts and maybe, it will affect your life in a positive way as how it changed mine. ^^

Let me know if you're interested to join! As usual, I will try to share on @rainbowholic.shop instagram your wonderful spreads ;)



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