Here's a totally new joke for any five year olds who read my blog: Daredevil is horny!

The Review or Whatever!

This is how a comic book that grown people read begins: "When Matt Murdock was a kid, he lost his sight in an accident involving a truck carrying radioactive chemicals. Though he could no longer see, the chemicals heightened Murdock's other senses and imbued him with an amazing 360-radar sense." I don't know what "360-radar sense" means but I'm guessing it's a typo and also it's not the ridiculous part of this statement! If the sentence immediately following "accident involving radioactive chemicals" doesn't include the phrases "loss of hair", "violent diarrhea", "crippling nausea", and "eventually succumbed to cancer," an adult should find it laughable! I can see a kid going, "Oh yeah! Mutations are awesome!" But an adult should not be saying, "That's totally how science works! Because science is just God telling molecules what to do!"

At the end of the last issue, I was surprised to learn that Elektra had a child. At the end of this issue, I'm surprised to learn that Elektra doesn't have a child. That was the quickest surprise retcon flip-flop turnover twist in the history of comic books!

I was also disappointed that nobody had sex. I don't know why. There were at least two pages with Foggy that could have been dumped for sex scenes.

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