Dark Arts Is Taking Over For One Week
From October 31 to November 7, Dark Arts will be taking over the Patreon site. That means that the first uncut draft of chapters 1-3 of the novel will be posted for free on Wednesday (All Hallows' Eve), the following Saturday (November 3), with the final preview chapter landing on the following Wednesday (November 7).

The first three chapters of this book took about two years to develop (yes, three chapters, two years of planning), and form the beginning of the first act of Dark Arts II's first act, called Roadside Diamonds.

Act 1 takes place in 1980. Maxwell has been on the road for several years at this point, and is learning some of the finer details about his curse. He's about to invite a special passenger along for his journey, and we join him as he drops quarters into a payphone near a place he's been avoiding until now.

Dark Arts II is still a work in progress so I'm not looking for serious feedback on individual chapters because no one chapter can tell enough of the story to give you a clear picture of what's going on in the book. If you want to share your reaction, you're more than welcome to, but be aware that there are secrets yet to be revealed.

Dark Arts Book 1 is available for free wherever quality Ebooks are sold. Here's a list of links.

I hope you'll join me.

Oh, and after one week break, Chaos Core will return with the final chapters of Chaos Core Book 3 (Savage Stars) and the serialized version of Book 4 on November 14th.