Dark Souls 3 JP Version Stream
Hey folks!

I'm currently pre-loading the JP version of Dark Souls 3.  It unlocks tomorrow at 10 p.m. central (2 hours after when I'd normally end cast).  

Since I don't speak the language, I'm treating this as a bit of an experiment.  We'll crowd source the translations, make up the lore, name things whatever we want, and work together to figure out all of the mechanics and such.  It'll be about the most blind a playthrough could ever be!  ;)

I'm just debating on some of the specifics of the cast; e.g. do I start tomorrow when the game unlocks at 10 p.m?  Do I start at normal time the day after?  Do I run a standard cast length?  Marathon?  Streamathon?

So many questions, so little time remaining!  Either way, hope to see you all there for the madness!

EDIT: Oh, it's open at 10 a.m, not p.m!  So...uh...early stream start?  Maybe, maybe not.  May just wait for normal time.


- Zero 

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