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Dark Souls vs. Bloodborne: The Player Character
If you follow me in enough places, then you've probably heard me talk about Dark Souls. I've been obsessed with the game for like five years now, and I never shut up about it; even though I'd never actually beaten it until a few weeks ago--along with Bloodborne and Demon's Souls. Now that I can confidently call these my favorite games of all time, and I feel I have a firm grasp on what's cool about them, I figured I'd make a video (or maybe several?) about some aspects of the games which I don't think have been fully covered by the million other analytical videos on them.

If you haven't played either game, this video should still be entirely comprehensible, as I explain everything you need to know to get my point. If you do plan on playing them, then be aware that there are some spoilers--but considering how much you have to do to piece the stories of these games together, the spoilers most likely won't change anything. I hope you enjoy this one, as I was pretty happy with the script--I wrote it with a little bit more of a flowery storytelling bent than usual, which I think worked out well, and would love more opportunities to try.

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