Dark Sun 5e Fantasy Grounds game Kickoff

The first Dark Sun 5e Patreon game was played last night via Fantasy Grounds. Set in the Brown Age, the characters head out into the deserts, hoping to stay hidden from the rampaging Dragon. Six brave adventurers were smuggled out of the city of Raam by some elves on a quest to find the Obsidian Star, a dagger of some value. While searching for the bandits who took the dagger the group fought off some cilops and then defeated a small group of bandit sentries, to finally capture the bandit captain. What information will the bandit captain hold? 

If you're interested in joining this game please signup for the Monday Evening Dark Sun Adventurer (for 1x/month) or Monday Dark Sun Campaigner (for 2x/month) at: patreon.com/RobertAdducci