Dark Thoughts in Dark Places
 Inspired by a friend

Dark thoughts in dark places,
Thinking mind swimming against the tide.
A place where good thoughts shine more brightly,
Glimmering like stars you're trying to hide.

Lightless tunnel stretching out before you,
Curving so you never see the end.
Unseen presences march beside you,
Frightening or reassuring; at least one may be a Friend.

A Crevasse as deep as the earth is old,
No way out but to climb without a rope.
The darkness around you hides a ladder,
Reach out your hand; grasp that hope.

No matter how deep or dark the night,
There will always be someone to hold your hand.
No one has to walk the night alone,
An arm’s reach away; we too wade through sand.

* * *

My page was looking a little bare, so I thought I'd post a poem that I wrote this week.