DarkJazmin's Offer Package!Update
New Update.

Things has been weird lately since the incident with my elbow, losing my job and trying to rise some money. For personal reasons and since low budget won't let me, 

we came to a conclusion that need to move to Spain. So far so good, luckly I had some money for the ticket at least and got to my destination.

Don't ask why from Germany to Spain, things you can't just change, you must accept it.

Currently living at some relatives. As much as I hate paing for stuff, you must to. The good news(sorta), I can understand a bit of Spanish, learned some words and 

doing some online tests. That is not enough for me to have a decent conversation, which I'm bad at it. So once again, school, which I need to learn better and to communicate.

School which you need to pay for the lessons, which I find it absourd how much is an hour of lessons. But we keep on searching for cheaper version, along with that,

continuing with the internet one too. School helps me get a decent job at least and to continue with what I've had planned. Once I'm done and hopefuly I will be able

to get everything sorted out, moving out is which gonna be a bit stressy. I plan to move out next year, until then, I have to learn Spanish and do everything I need to do.

For my Spanish courses for 3 months would be €300

Moving out €900

My goal is to reach that by the end of January 2018.

The 100 ones wasted on the tickets(my share)

Goal: 0/1200

Now you know the situation. If you like what you see and want to support me, please choose from the following options:


With that price includes a full work plus background and with as many characters as you want.

For sale for just 2€ 


Start bit for €12
Auto bit for €25
Any gender and species with background too!

Winter Star comic for sale, just 1€ per page 

Donate when you want, how much you want and how many times you want, it's your choice!

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