The Darkroom Series - Wonder Woman Set (Photo 02)
We premiered and exclusively released The Darkroom Series: Wonder Woman Photograph Set at Geek Girl Con to great praise and was our best seller! Thank you to everyone who passed by our table to have a look. :D

Here's another one of the photos from our Wonder Woman Set that explores many photos of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince during World War II. The description is on the back corner of each photograph. This one reads:

Navy Yeoman Petty Officer First Class (YN1) Diana Prince reads an issue of Wonder Woman at her desk in the War Department. c. 1942- c. 1943.

We will have the Wonder Woman Set exclusively available at Central City Comic Con (Yakima, WA) on October 24-25 and Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma, WA) on October 31-November 1.

The Darkroom Series will be available to purchase online after our solo gallery show at Fan*Alley (Anaheim, CA) on November 14-15. We will have larger prints and behind-the-scenes videos/images about the project on display! Hope to see you there!

We will continue to publicly post our entire set here on Patreon throughout the month! Be sure to follow!

If you'd love to see this series continue, please consider supporting us here on Patreon! There's plenty behind-the-scenes looks only patrons can see.

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