●  How do I get early access to new UI features?

When you become a Patron you will receive a private key that enables your copy of the DarqUI Unified utility to unlock Patron-only content updates.  After you have used the key, you will receive early access content automatically whenever you check for updates.  The encrypted key does not expose you to any online identity risks.  However, if a key is being abused it can be disabled.

●  What is the publication schedule for video tips and tutorials?

Everyone can view DarqUI Tips of the Week but only Patrons can access Tips of the Day and full-length tutorials.  Tips of the Week are published on Sunday and will often promote membership by exposing a single feature out of a larger Patron-only video.  Tips of the Day are published on the other days of the week.  It's my intention to provide Patrons with a fresh new game-changing tip every day, but every now and then there may be a video about a DarqUI feature or secret that you already knew about. 

Full-length tutorials will be published as often as possible and there will be several available upon becoming a Patron.  I am fortunate that I can increase or decrease my workload outside of the DarqUI project and so as Patron support increases, tutorials can be produced at a faster rate.  Fabled and Mythical Patrons can participate in polls and discussions about which UI features they want to see demonstrated next.

●  What is this Easter egg and how do I see it?

As a benefit to loyal Patrons, you have the option of appearing somewhere in the interface for all DarqUI users to discover.  Your in-game recognition will be your choice of character name and server, for example Baldaor (Skyfire).  If you suggest a substantial UI feature, bug fix or improvement that gets implemented, or if you provide substantial testing and debugging for a feature, I will include credit for it with your character's name.  Nothing else about you will be shown.  Just your character name, server, and credit for your contributions.

As of this writing, the location of the Easter egg itself hasn't been finalized.  There have been several ideas about where to tuck away a list of credits but I am leaning toward a separate tab in the Help window, kind of an "About" page with a scrolling credit list.  It has also been suggested that the names of individual players who inspire an entire UI component be hidden away somewhere inside the component itself, more in the tradition of a typical Easter egg.  I really like the idea and am looking into it.

●  I use ProfitUI Community Edition.  How do I fit in here?

In 2016 the venerable ProfitUI mod was fading away due to the disappearance of its server provider, even though there were ProfitUI users willing to keep the files current.  I offered to provide server space for the files and developed the ProfitUI Community Edition (CE) utility to distribute them along with an integrated installer/updater for EQ2MAP.

Although my development time has been primarily focused on DarqUI since then, I still believe that ProfitUI players can benefit from improvements to the CE utility.  Patrons who indicate to me that they are ProfitUI users will be able to discuss and vote on any updates, upgrades, and new features that they would like to see incorporated into the utility.  If I can get enough Patron support from ProfitUI CE users, I can provide improvements to your utility and possibly some innovations to the interface itself, based upon your requests.

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