Darryl Johnston - Mind of a Geek - Episode 32
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Episode #32 - Darryl Johnston
Host: Nate Ward, Brandon Raymond
Guest: Darryl Johnston

Information About This Weeks Guest:
I am the host and producer of two podcasts. Who New and Review which is a doctor who podcast, and also The Sci-Fi Survival Guide - part science fact, part science fiction and part radio drama. Both for GNcast
Projects This Weeks Guest Is A Part Of:
I want to promote the GNcast network but tout my show Sci-fi survival guide. Mainly to inspire other would be podcasters that feel they don't have the technology or time

Topics of Discussion:
Super Heroes, British comedy podcasts, politics, science, girls, science fiction

Where Can This Weeks Guest Be Found:
GNcasts.com and my failed network imperialsteam.com

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