Darth Maul x Sith!Reader in Progress

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!

At the moment I am currently working on a Darth Maul fan-fiction, specifically an insert reader where the reader is an active character within the story. The story comes as a request from a fellow deviant on my DeviantArt account.

This fan-fiction in particular is planned to be a little different from my previous works, in which the Reader takes on a more active role and has a uniquely sarcastic and mildly dark-humored attitude, especially when it comes to fighting against Maul. Additionally, there is a struggle she is undertaking with her own personal balance between the Light and Dark Side of the Force.

Will she survive long enough to acquire a rare artifact from the Outer Rim planet of Utapau, where someone mysterious awaits?

Or will her new deadly foe obtain the device before she has the time to land her ship on one of the landing platforms?

(Darth Maul and all other Star Wars related characters, events, and such belong to LucasFilm/Disney)