I was just sitting here going through my sector database, and I thought you guys might be interested in some rough statistics as far as the amount of data generated goes. So, what I have so far (and this is just rough data, nothing polished or pretty, just raw numbers) 1 sector, 16 subsectors 365 planets 2860 system objects (planets, asteroid belts, gas giants ect) 2970 system events (which can include things like crop failures, new technology, volcanic eruptions, etc) that make up a framework to support the history of each world and tie into surrounding worlds. That's the data generated so far. In addition, each of the 365 mainworlds will have animal encounters where appropriate, basic information on armies/security forces, detailed fleet elements, and factions ranging from corporations to gangs to religious groups. And there's still a few things I'm considering adding, like Library Data info as all of the above get detailed and put together. Anything else I should think about adding?