Dates for cool shows this month.
Hey dudes here is all the stuff I got planned. I wanna do more random streams too, but I got some works I need to get done first for all these shows. heyyyyyyyy.

June 15th 7:30pm est - Rawb's Book Club: Harry Potter I

June 22nd 7:30pm est - #2

June 30th 1:00pm est - Deadrealms with Rob, Spiff, Pause, and Coe

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If you enjoy my work and would like hear my thoughts on the stuff I make, throw me a dollar every now and then!

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I'll be doing Friday Night streams based on the success of my Patreon and during these special shows the game I'll be playing will be decided by you, the bosses via a vote and an awesome spin of Rob's Hyper Wheel. Thanks for supporting my shows!

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Do you enjoy making crappy pictures and would like me to make advertise my goofy show with your non real product? Every show Rob picks 3 images submitted to sell fake things to his audience with. If you like to be goof and have a lot of disposable income, this is the tier for you. No real advertisers please. Thanks for your massive support with my shows!

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Once per show, one random supporter from the Millionaire Club tier wins 1,000,000 Gold on the Forums. Gold has almost no purpose other then buying avatars, so this is beyond overkill and has no real purpose other than internet points. Yes, you can win multiple times. Thanks for your unbelievable support!

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