David Fincher & the Craft of Music Videos
A new video essay!

I don't know how some YouTubers make one of these every week, because it is a  crazy amount of work.

What I'm doing with the video essays is going through the long list of stuff I'm really nerdy about. Like, the things I go on lengthy monologues to my friends about. Despite the Marvel and DC ones obviously being hot button topics, these are usually not going to be like that. My priority is that the essays cover things I care a lot about. The goal is to communicate my passion and intense nerdiness about these topics to the audience.

So this month's video essay is all about David Fincher, a very popular director. But it's not about his movies. It's about his music videos. So if you were hoping someone would spend 8 minutes analyzing the editing in 27-year-old Madonna videos, this is your lucky day!

This is a topic I've spent way too much time obsessing about over the past few years. I like music videos, but I find the way a lot are put together really frustrating. I'm a big fan of Joseph Kahn (who is mentioned in the video essay), and hearing him talk about Fincher's videos and his style led me to start analyzing those, which was kind of a revelation. THIS is how most music videos should be put together.

I'm not sure anyone else cares about this stuff, but I find it interesting, so that's all that really matters. And hey, it was a lt more fun to research than the DC films one.

Next week: a new narrative short!

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