David Kills Goliath

My art for the latest free game from Storybrewers Roleplaying! This game itself will go live on the 6th of July, 2019! So be sure to find it on storybrewersroleplaying.com! Check out their Patreon! 

Hayley and Vee are wonderful developers, and I am so thankful they thought of me when they were developing David Kills Goliath. They approach RPG games with such love and attention to details and are always, ALWAYS mindful of designing safe and inclusive experiences. I couldn't recommend them enough! Designing these monsters was so much fun! And a pleasure! 

Commissions open!

All the useful links:

Patreon⋆ ⋆Design by Humans⋆ ⋆TeePublic⋆ Society6⋆ Gumroad⋆ ⋆Ko-fi

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