David The Polite Jewish Vampire
David The Polite Jewish Vampire goes out onto the streets of Chicago. 

This was a fun one to make, thanks to you guys I was able to get this lapel mic that I used to get all the audio for the videos. It's the little black rectangle on my jacket. Yep, that's actually a microphone called Instamic!

Comment if you'd like to see more character videos like this one.

Thanks all!

- matt

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Recording the interview video I used a Canon 7D

For Audio on everything I used 1 Instamic 

As far as David's hat, it's a Goorin Brother's hat


Analisha Santini

Seth Origitano

Felicia Soler

Matt Griffo as David

Wanjiku Kairu

David Zev Weiner


Felicia Soler (running iPhone 7 Plus and Instamic)

The red hallway was shot at the Annoyance Theatre on Belmont in their staircase