David Tennant 10th Doctor Tutorial (FREE SAMPLE) - #5
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Hello everyone!

For those of you who aren't paying Patrons I edited down this fifteen minute sample of the fifth video in this Patreon Exclusive series of tutorials, where I'm painting a Big Chief Studios 10th Doctor head for a client. This will give some of you a chance to see what others are getting ($3 Patrons and above)

For those of you who are already getting all my videos, then the full hour long segment has been uploaded also. (don't watch this one by mistake)

In this hour we're adding the stubble effect, getting ready to paint the eyes, and putting more detail and shading on the skin.

Enjoy! x

 PS - I've decided to make Tuesdays and Thursdays 'new video days' here on Patreon. So you'll all know when to expect the next installment of the tutorial series!! :D