Dawn is the goddess of birth and rebirth. She is shown in many different facets, shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on who is viewing her. Dawn is generally depicted as a young, red-haired woman with three "tears" running from her left eye (and two running from her right eye, on the few occasions that it has been shown).
  During the witch hunt, witches were discovered to only cry from their left eyes. She also has a rose on one wrist and a chain on the other. In the series, the rose represents Hell, and although it has beauty, it only pricks and hurts a person. The chain represents Heaven because a person can only go so far before they are stopped short by its restrictions. Dawn is the guardian of all the witches on Earth, and the goddess to whom they pray.
  Dawn's lover is Cernunnos (also known as the Horned God), the god of death, who has incarnated himself in the mortal form of Darrian Ashoka. Darrian, unaware of his true origins, lives in a post-apocalyptic New York City when he first meets Dawn. She leads him on his path of true identity and self-discovery.

Created by Joseph Michael Linsner and published through Sirius Entertainment and Image Comics.