Dawnlight in Garuda

  You've seen characters, well it’s time to for some landscape!

Our first piece of landscape art from Garuda is here! This piece is a look into how The Karu constructs their smaller towns. On Tikor, nature itself is alive and has agency. It’s not something that passively sits back while humans and animals use it. The act of clearing a forest isn't just environmental damaging, but an affront to nature itself.

And nature WILL respond, the Karu of all people know this the best. So, their sense of aesthetics and construction matches that of the land. Nature doesn’t despise humanity; it merely wants them to obey the rules of the forest.

The first element of this is co-existence, not domination. If anyone wants to set up shop and call the forests of Garuda home, then it's about living with nature itself. For this reason, The Karu almost never clear trees to make way for housing or development. Instead, they’ve developed techniques to in a sense fuse their homes with the environment.

Seeing a home that looks like it grew from a tree like a leaf is not just a style choice, but it’s a sign of harmony and perfection. The quality of work is largely based on its ability to appear seamless. 

By obeying the forest and respecting the life within it, the Karu aren’t just accepted by nature, they are its first ally. And the fruit of that union is a beneficial symbiosis. In exchange for conservation, the forest gives protection. Just about every elder in Garuda has a story about a time when nature came to their rescue. A branch that mysterious extends when a young child tumbles from a treetop. 

Mudslides that have missed towns by barely a foot. Strange animals that have helped lost travelers find their way to civilization. And many more.

The point of the stories is always clear, if they take care of the Garuda, then Garuda will take care of them. 

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