Dawson's Creek Theme Song
This week's theme song is "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole, the theme song from Dawson's Creek. I loved this show and love this song. Paula Cole was one of my favorite artists in high school and the first female artist I saw doing brave, non conforming stuff. Growing up, it was huge to see women being something other than the really sexy, polished singers I heard on the radio (no offense Christina and Brittany). Paula Cole screamed in her songs, didn't shave her armpits and was naked on her album cover - my grandma would've flipped!

The request for this song first came from patron, Chantelle, and was agreed on by several other patrons. I was dragging my feet on recording this because I wanted to cover the whole song and do it justice. It was a great suggestion and took me back to my love and admiration for Paula Cole's music. (I re-downloaded her album, 'This Fire' and have been listening to it again!)

For the next theme song, I'll do a short one that's very different from my regular style of playing. Here's a hint... "RRrrrrrriiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!"

Thanks to the patrons who've been supporting me this year in mind, wallet and spirit! Just a head's up, I'm not charging for EACH of these videos. I only charge patrons once a month, even if I'm more productive than that.

Have a great day, open up your morning light and don't wait for your live's to be over!