Day 1: The First Bork in the Foundation
From the desk of Dottore Balordo, Man of Science:

It was a morning like any other. After a turbulent night of sleeping `pon my leatherhead featherbed (a mattress made from vintage firehelmyutes and pigeonic tail-fluffs, I awoke with a strange inkling in my mindre - a burning in my primary motivator.

I knew it deep within my hearth - the day had arrived to step from relative Blastroposcurity into Blastropopstularity. The podcast needed to grow - to evolve into a mightier form (one with abilities like Razor Leaf or Giga Drain)!  And to do that, I would need resources beyond my meagre SCIENCE wage. I needed the support of my fellow Readers, Scientists, and Blastropostles.

With this in mind(re), I gassed up my world-wide-web-bowser, took a deep birth, and launched the Patreon campaign to which you now bear witness. 

So let's do this thing.

We came here to kick ask and chew bumblegoose. And we're all out of bumblegoose.