Day 10 Big News
The day started out late. I had trouble sleeping all night. Finally I did some focused meditation that allowed me to sleep. When I woke up it was already bright. I walked back to Route 66 and went in to have some breakfast and get the phone charged. Huge breakfast. The taco omelet was ridiculously large and there were plenty of hash browns. I've been trying to avoid wheat and all kinds of bread. They actually take 25 cents off the price if you don't want bread. So that worked for me. Then the waitress said these people wanted to know if I am the guy who's in the paper this morning and wants to talk to me. As it turned out, stopping by the paper yesterday paid off. They had a nice little write up about me. The next thing I know the owner brought me a gift, a bandana with the restaurant's logo on it. I really needed a bandana to keep sweat out of my eyes. They took pictures and posted on Facebook. I made some balloons for the ladies who had turned me into an instant celebrity. It was a lot of fun. Then I got a text from my daughter that she was in accident and she's at the hospital in Houston. Nothing serious,not to worry. Phone conversation followed. She is fine. They ran some tests and she was going to get CT scan done. Talked to her mother, she's okay, the car is okay. By the time I started walking, it was noon. Still plenty of time to make it to Chenoa, but not enough to look for a place to spend the night. There is a McDonald's near the freeway, that I hope is open 24 hours. The sun was hot and humidity was high. I had almost four liter of water, which was plenty yesterday, but that was in the morning. About two hours into the walk I was feeling the heat. This was the first time since I started walking that I was feeling the heat. I wasn't expecting anything between Pontiac and Chenoa as there are no towns in between. Then I saw a sign that said Good Samaritan. I decided to go in and see if they will refill my water bottles so I would have enough to get to Chenoa. They did more. They encouraged me to rest a little and let me recharge my phone. Then in addition to refilling my bottles they gave 3 half liter bottles that were ice cold. They lived up to their name. It was already 3 pm but I was rested and well stocked on water. I was walking at a good pace. I'll get there in enough time I thought. Then Bob and Connie, an older couple stopped to see if I needed something. She wanted me to take 24 bottles of water that she had. I had to explain that I didn't have room for it. Another hour went by and a pick stopped next to me with a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of water. I took the Gatorade. This was nothing more than validation that I am taken care of. My concern for possibly not having enough water was being shattered right in front of me. Just when I got to Chenoa, a van passed me and pulled over and turned so the older gentleman was looking at me as I approached the van. He said that was very nice writeup about me in the Pontiac paper and wanted to know if I will accept a donation. We chatted some, he gave me his number. I thanked him profusely and prayed for him that he be rewarded manifold for his generosity. Then he turned and headed back toward Pontiac. Wait, did he just drive all the way from Pontiac to see if I'll accept a donation? I'll never know. I looked up and there it was, the town swimming pool. And where there is a pool, there are showers. YES! I was hoping to use their pavilion for the night as I did in Odell, but the sign said that the park is closed between 10 PM and 6 AM and NO LOITERING. So I headed to McDonald's. There is also a 24 hour gas station next door to it. I am constantly being surprised and delighted. I suggest that you make that your daily prayer. "Dear God, Please surprise and delight me today." I am wondering how is he going to out do himself tomorrow. I suppose I'll have to be surprised and delighted to find out. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your pledges now will be processed on the first of the next month
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