Day 10: Oh joy be praised to solid food!
So it would appear that the "minor setback" is a bit more minor than originally anticipated.  As of yet, no dry socket.  However, it would appear as if the bone between two molars broke during extraction (it was quite thin to begin with so I'm not surprised) making what would be two smaller extraction sites, one very large one.  So I'll have a prolonged healing on that side.  Stitches are dissolving, so that's good because they were irritating me something awful.  I'm also finally sleeping much more soundly though still a lot.  I suspect that it takes a lot of energy for the body to repair the maxilla bone.  

Glorious news though!  I can finally eat solid foods.  Er... sort of solid.  Still somewhat soft but no longer needs to be something I don't have to chew.  We celebrated with a bit of Egg Foo Young for Orphans' Dinner.