Day 103 - Champagne Supernova (Birthday Dedication)
My old friends Susana and Simon are huge Oasis, and in particular Noel Gallagher fans. Susana celebrated a birthday recently, so I decided to send her an Oasis dedication as a gift. 

Although it's not my favorite performance of this project, it somehow encapsulates many of the elements that make the 365 Days of Song unique. Immediate creation: Many times during this project I am writing arrangements for songs the day of the recording. For this song, I worked on some Bjork-ish beats and then the computer started to glitch out, so I had to bail last minute and just stuck with some ambient pad sounds. Endurance: I sang the song probably 50 times leading up to this take while trying to work with the computer. So much so, that by the time I recorded this, my voice was gone. In the 365, the physical demands of playing/singing songs or guitar parts, daily is real. Sounds funny right? But trust me, do any physical activity hours at a time, every day and you will be sore. Live: "Time keeps on ticking, into the future."  Decisions on how to play a song on the macro level (what style, tempo) down to the micro level (chord voicing, solos) happen very quickly. The 365 is live music. There are no second takes and no overdubs.

See you tomorrow,