Day 106: Oh, What a Day
I knew today was going to be a loooong day. The next town out of Erick oklahoma, where I can find anything was Shamrock Texas, which according to the map that I have been using, was 22.5 miles, which meant I would end up walking around 24 to 25 miles, and there was rain on the forecast. But I was prepared. Last week, I was inspired to purchase Pam Grout's latest book, Thank and Grow Rich. I had been reading the book, and the whole premise of the book boils down to this. If every morning, the first thing you do, before anything else, is to affirm that "Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today," and then believe it and look to validate that belief, you will find many amazing things happening. You list three such things each day for 30 days, without repeating anything, your life will be richer for it. Since yesterday wad the first of the month, I decided to start doing that and continue it for the rest of the month. Here are my three things from yesterday. 1. I received an extra $100 for a job I was worried I wasn't going to get paid. 2. Two strangers bought me meals. 3. I saw many Monarch Butterflies So today, I started the day with my affirmation that something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today. After having breakfast, I went in to the c-store part of the truck stop to look for some dry fruit like dates or raisins, but found nothing. I headed out the door about 7:15. My plan was to walk 50 minutes and take a ten minute break. I have learned that by giving myself periodic breaks allows me to cover more ground. As I came out of the parking lot and onto the street, someone honked at me. I turned to see who it was. An 18 wheeler driver motioned me to go to him. He handed me a bag full of goodies and wished me a safe trip. I thanked and blessed him and tucked the bag in my stroller. Later on when it got a little lighter and brighter, I looked in the bag and discovered, among other things, a type written letter about Jesus, a mini bible and 4 small boxes of raisins. Amazingly awesome! I must have gone about 30 minutes when it started getting light. I turned around and noticed that the horizon was beginning to show the red of pre-dawn. As I turned back to face west, I saw a horse on the other side of the highway along the fence. It made me smile, and as I started moving, he galloped in the same direction, went pass where I was, then stopped and turned to face me, and came up to the fence. I took that as a sign that he wants me to come over there. So I parked my buggy and went across the highway. He was hesitant at first, but I talked to him and thanked him for inviting over. He put his out over the fence and I caressed his face. When I brought my face closer to kiss him, it startled him and he withdrew. But he came back closer. I could see his eyes seemed sad and heavy, and unlike the horse I met in Missouri, I couldn't see my reflection in his eyes. I told him I will pray for him and his human for an outcome that is in the highest good for all concerned. He put his head on shoulder and I could hear him breathe and feel the warmth of his breath on my face. Instant Bliss! I told him I loved him, that he is loved, and held his head in both my hands. We just stood there for a few looking in each other's eyes. Then I told him I had to go on, but I will remember him and pray for him. He stood still and as I backed off, he went on to graze. I crossed the road and looked his way before heading out. He was grazing. My heart was filled with joy as I started jogging away. I might have gone maybe a thousand feet or so when I heard a loud neigh, I turned around and he bobbed his head up and down. I waved and yelled, "Thank you!" He galloped away. Double Awesomeness!! Every Wednesday at 8:15 I do a radio appearance on WLCN 96.1 in Lincoln Illinois, and I knew I would be getting a call any minute when I crossed a creek and a tree on the far side caught my attention, so I got my phone out and took a couple of pictures. Just as I was beyond the bridge, the phone rang. Bill Gossett had two of the High School coaches as his guests for the later part of the show, and they had some questions for me. As I was talking to them a huge waterfowl took flight from the other side of the bridge, the side that I had come from. It took my breath away. You can hear the show at and you'll hear me say "Oh wow!" In the middle of the conversation. Amazing Awesomeness number three and the day is barely an hour old. Since yesterday worked so well, I decided I am going to walk 50 minutes and rest for ten as I walk today. I came to the Oklahoma/Texas Stateline around 10:30, marking the end of third hour. I had stopped and taken a few pictures at sunrise, and the again some more in Texola Oklahoma, the last town before the Stateline. I had to fight the temptation to stop at the cafe to get a bite to eat. I knew if I did that, I won't make it to Shamrock Texas in time. There was not much between Texola and Shamrock other than an occasional house along the side of the road and some beautiful landscape as the sky turned from blue to gray. There was hardly any traffic on the road either. A pick-up truck from the other side slowed down and stopped as I approached it. That was Mr C. R. Brindle, whose picture you see at the top. I had met him in Erick yesterday. He told me I was doing good time, and wished me well as he drove away. It was about 5:30 PM when I finally reached Shamrock. The first order of business was to get something to eat. I was happy to see a steak house, because I haven't had a "real meal" in quite some time. But the owner wasn't happy to see my buggy, and apparently didn't want my money, and told me I couldn't bring that thing in there. Oh well. That left me with a choice between McDonald's or Dairy Queen. I decided on DQ and got their new chicken and dumplings. It was surprisingly good. The next order of business was to find the place God had picked out for me to spend the night at. It turned out to be the smaller of the two city parks. The lady who directed me told me that there is a big dome there with a big BBQ grill in the middle and I will be safe from the rain there. She put my concerns about the local law enforcement by saying that the cops in this town like to go to sleep early. They won't be there to bother you. The huge gazebo even had electric outlets that allowed me charge up my phone before going to sleep. I parked the buggy next to the BBQ grill and spread out the sleeping bag next to it and went to sleep.