Day 11 Rough Draft
       It had all hit him at once, he then wished that the previous pain he felt was all he felt, for this was truley unfiltered pain. Any pain that surpasses your last feels as if it can not get any worse than the current situation, yet this surpassed it all, well so did the previous. Why was he thinking of this? All that mattered was not that the pain surpassed all others, what mattered was he hurt--a lot. The pain ran through his body electriying every piece it traveled leaving jolts of pain throughout its path. Followed sharply by his howls of pain that vibrated the back acres of the Red Wood Trees.

       " Seems like our night has ran its course, should have probably guaged myself a bit more,' spoke Sartorious as he now stood over his screaming nephew.

      ' Get accustomed to this feeling if you wish to travel this path nephew' whispered Sartorious as he readied himself for what was to come. The difficult part was next, the deadly grizzly bear that is......the mother.

                                                          Rough Draft of Chapter One done!! Hope you guys liked it!!