Day 118: The Journey Continues
I had a a nice and long comfortable sleep. I was up, cleaned up and ready to go by 5:30, which would've been actually 6:30 yesterday. It was too dark and too cold to get going. I finally got going at 6:30, the sun was out and shining brightly, but it was still cold. I had two pairs of gloves on. It took me an hour and a half to get to Russell's Travel Center, which was my original plan yesterday. I am glad I stayed at the Travel Plaza, because at Russell's, which was the only place around, I wouldn't have been able to sleep indoors. As I learned a couple of weeks ago, God has a place picked out for me for every night. I had a great breakfast consisting of cornbeef hash and eggs, cubed fried potatoes and toast. I met a husband and wife team of truck drivers. They were driving from California to Mississippi, and he was looking forward to his turn to sleep after breakfast, while she drove. They were kind enough to leave me a generous gift. He said he is looking forward to seeing me again down the road. I updated my blog and checked on my charity Gofundme page. I was humbled to find out that I had already received $400 in contributions. Please take a look at it and contribute whatever your heart and wallet calls for. You can read the details about it at and contribute if you're up to it. Please do share it with your tribe one way or the other. I started walking again at 10:30 and walked all the way to San Jon, arriving at the Dhillan truck stop and Taste of India restaurant. I was particularly looking forward to this stop, because, I had stopped here six and half years ago, on my way to Sedona, AZ, to attend a workshop put on by Terri Belfort, Barbara Winter and Alice Newberry. I had a buffet dinner with a variety of Indian dishes. Masala chai (spiced milk based tea) was a good way to end it. I also had an opportunity to rest my pinky toe that has swollen up while I had the wrong sized shoes. I had bought 9.5 wide, instead of 9.5 extra wide. I had to settle for 10 wide, and they seem to fit better, but resting the toe is much needed. I am planning on spending the night here, and then I'll pick up some travel food before leaving. This is what was used in India, over the centuries of slow oxen cart travel, as sustenance on long journeys, akin to the beef jerky of the old West. These days it is sold as snacks at Indian grocery stores, and though the prices are a little steep here, I'll get enough to last me till Albuquerque, where I can get more, and reasonable prices.