Day 124 - Brandi, You're A Fine Girl by Looking Glass
Well, I guess it was bound to happen sometime but, the video for this performance is not available. The 16G iPhone is truly not up to the task of the 365 Days of Song. We thought the Periscope video uploaded to the phone but apparently it was full. And this really stinks because it was a great performance!

My friend Thomas sang this crazy song outside of a hotel in Butler, PA. You will see him in the video for day 125. Anyway, I know some of the patrons saw the video on Patreon and that is a good point. The only true way to make sure you see every performance is by following @spaceloungeprod on the Periscope Ap. Plus, you generally get to be more engaged if you are using the app because you can comment ask questions, etc. But that Brandi, She sure was a fine girl.

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