Day 13: A decent day off.

I woke up around 6:30 and headed to the waterhole alone to watch the sunrise and read my book. One of life's sweetest moments being on your own reading a book next to waterhole as the sun comes up.

Breakfast and a few odds and ends around camp before catching up on some admin and lunch at the restaurant this afternoon.

At 4pm we took 2 vehicles on a game drive because 2 Americans girls joined us for the game drive. We had dinner at the camp this evening and a glass of wine watching the elephants this evening at the waterhole.

We head out of tomorrow morning after what have been a very special 2 days at Elephants Sands. Once again we got free accommodation from the management here when we told them about our trip and that we are raising money for a cause - special thanks to Ben and his team at Elephant Sands for looking after us.

Sore score 8/10 knowing that today was our last full day here.

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