Two weeks have been completed and it is very much a marker. 351 days, 50 weeks, 11 and a half months to go just feels good to say to myself. Every single day I have alarms going off every two hours, get up and do handstand pushups, get up and do jump squats, get up and do your practices, I love how it gets easier and easier. I look forward to the time when this is my normal life and the old ways seem odd.

1a - Banish / Resh vel Helios IN THE ASTRAL!!!! finally! success with this practice! I know that there will also be more failures but for the first time in two weeks I was able to maintain a state of twilight sleep and did my complete practices visualizing myself in the room.

4a - Banish / Tibetan Meditation 10min / Surya Namaskar x 8

Super foods breakfast (my teas are incredible & revealed in the newsletter)

5:30a - Tarot / Astrology calculations (specifically for the beginning of May)

6:15a - Banish / Resh vel Helios (I love that I can hear the birds' call to Resh)

1p - Banish / Resh vel Helios (at work but in a very conducive area)

spent time this evening crafting with yarn. it felt good to pick it up again even if just for a couple hours (I am making a gift for someone)

7p - Banish / Resh vel Helios

9:30p - Banish / Tibetan Meditation 3min (short because it was shared)