Day 16: an hour and a half of bike admin.
We left Panda rest camp this morning to a tunnel of cheering kids that had been staying at the camp to see us off. It was defiantly one of the highlights of the trip. Anticlimax after the tunnel, when, just after getting onto the road I realised my back wheel was buckled and I needed to go back to camp to replace it. 45 minutes later Derrick and I joined Warrick and Camilla and began our ride toward to Chobe and the Botswana and Zambian border. Twenty minutes after being on the road I got a puncture from the new rim that I had put onto the bike which didn't have rim tape. On the side of the road we did a bush mechanic repair and improvised with some duct tape and thirty minutes later, we were riding again. We rode through some amazing bush today and en route saw eland, baboon, monkeys, zebra, ground hornbill, and close to fifty elephant - it's was truly spectacular. Riding temperature got up to 37 degrees today on the long flat road to Chobe and there were some times again today that I wished my arse was more triangular in shape to match my saddle. This evening’s camp is remarkable, right next to to the Zambezi river, teaming with bird life, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and amazing sunrise and sunsets. Beaut!