Day 18 of 30 Days of Fae - A Danger Noodle!
I was watching Snake Bytes TV on YouTube and was totally inspired to do a snake fae today. I recently also had a friend request a snake fae, so it was definitely on the list. Today - was the day. This was inspired by the calliophis bivirgatus. It is also known as the Blue Malayan Coral Snake. According to my web research, this kind of snake has the longest venom glands - the length of 1/4 its body. May I suggest a little light reading about this beautiful snake? You can use the following link for a neat article about their venom: 

As far as today's challenge goes, I needed to do something that wouldn't be time consuming, because I had a long day of appointments that kept me away from my art supplies until almost 9 pm.  So I grabbed my little travel kit of watercolor and traveled all the way to the couch where I watched Last Week Tonight with the hubby and painted this little dude in my Crescent Render sketchbook.  I hope you enjoy! :-D