Day 18: The Silence
There is no audio on day 18. Instead we have migraines and migraine medicine and slightly loopy behavior and an early bedtime. 


Sometimes in our adventures, we have no accompanying PCs, or NPCs, or friendly talking animals, or bards to sing us along, or jeweled daggers. Sometimes we don't have the family and friends that we know is important to writers. For whatever reason, sometimes all we have is us. 

And in those times, when no one is believing you can do NaNoWriMo, or you can be a writer, or you can improve on your craft, know this: I believe in you. If you can't even name one person who believes in you, the writer, put me on the list. I will always believe in you. I'm always beside you on your adventure to the word mines. I'm on your shoulder, punching your editor bully in the face, I'm telling you not to listen to the people who can't be bothered to support you. 

You're worthy. 

You're a writer.

I believe in you. 

This is public for everyone who needs support. Talk to you tomorrow. 

(HEY- who wants to write with me this weekend? I'm thinking of having public writing times either by Google Hangouts or Periscope. We will have our own meet-up and write. Watch this space.)