Day 19 Edinblog: Final Week
Today I woke up and headed in to do savage at City Cafe. I felt a million times better about this show than the first one, which is a good thing. Then I met up with Suzi Ruffell for a cuppa, and then went and did boring laundry things while thinking about the hurdles to getting another visa in the UK. Then I met up with Tiff Stevenson to chat about our mutual and respective fringe successes and defeats. Then I went and did a spot down in the caves, and off to The Gilded Balloon for The Resistance. I ran from Gilded to Standup and Slam, down the hill, down a set of stairs to the Mashhouse and then bolted up the four flights of stairs and onto the stage to MC the evening, which would have been smooth and impressive if I'd had a minute to ask who the first act was. Smooth. Then I went and had a cuppa tea with Tim Fitzhigham, and then off to close Ivor Dembina's lineup show. Then home for sleep, and to wake and so again into the breach! Chiz! A