Day 19 Progress, Prism 9
About 70 hours into the project now.  As I mentioned a while back when I posted my last progress thing, real life caught up with me, so I can't spend all day every day working on it.  Progress will have to be slower as I look for a new job, but thanks for paying attention and caring about my dumb project!  Recently I finished implementing a simple command console, inspired by the Quake version, which has always been my favorite. 

In other news, I successfully tested **Multiplayer** with a friend of mine for the very first time (and on the very first try) without any bugs!  So even though the game is a bunch of cylinders and bland colors it is fully playable!  Though of course it's just a bunch of working game mechanics and some rudimentary AI at the moment.  Again, thanks for reading about my dumb UE4 project.