Hello Patrons!

Dear Diary : I got my first patron today! THANK YOU MIKE!

I have made two videos now, one of me fixing a friend's 3DS and another of a mututal interveiw with my cousin. I'll be editing them and uploading them shortly. I'll be posting about the tools I use as well.

One thing that I know I'm going to do is get a mount for my camera, which is just an android phone right now. Shaky hand-camera isn't a great look.

I'm also going to be working a little harder to look iconic on film - instead of random tech company shirts, I'll be wearing a kigurumi during my videos. I must replace my old intro video too.

There's a lot to do, but I'm committed to keeping up my momentum. Getting my first patron has been a big push!

I look forward to looking back on these early days. :) So much to learn!

I'm tired, but I feel great about our future together.

With Love,