Day 2: Part of the house rules at X’s house in Queens, is that we must wear slippers. X is from northern china. She is an accountant in Manhattan and has lived in the states for 5 years. Its nice walking on a wooden floor with slippers. I thin I will take my shoes off most of the time now.  Its raining so I buy a five dollar umbrella at the convince store and walk to the train. I’m going to have coffee with Ian, a friend from Boston so long ago. I haven’t seen him in 9 years. We once lived together in the city. He tells me he recently broke up with his girlfriend of 6years and doesn’t know how to get back into the dating game. I tell him I’m still chasing the wrong women and its easier than it looks. Union square is electric in the rain. We take the subway to Brooklyn and meet Ethan for his birthday. Ethan stopped drinking 2 years ago, Ian 7. Jenny and I each have a beer. A band is playing. They kick ass. I miss Brooklyn. I an leaves and I go to Jenny and ethane house to say goodnight. They invite name to the wedding and ask me to have some birthday cake. I leave for the subway,. They are doing construction on the tracks and force me to utilize a calculus equation to get home. It takes 3 hours. I did not erat the cake. 
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