Day 2 at the gym
Ok so this will be my first full week and I actually woke up late Orz. I got my bag ready yesterday tho so that did help. Had to drive out to the gym myself bc my mom left without me but we got there at the same time (she took the youngest to school) Routine: 1. We did 1h in cardio on this machine I think is called ecliptica. Basically you move your arms and legs in running motions. I feel like I almost didn't make the hour but if there's one thing I can brag about it's making it at my own pace. I also got to listen to Kizumonogatari (audiobook) and learned that white panties are quite the turn on for young high schoolers LOL 2. We went to this machine I dub THE STAIRS OF HELL. Basically its these pedals and you need to go up them like stairs. I barely managed 10 minutes on Sat and this time I also did 10 but had to take a break after. My mom was doing 20 so my goal was to do as much as I could. After I caught my breath I did 5 more but no more after. Too much! 3. Did about 15-20 minutes of strength work, most of it focused on my arms as that's what I'd like to lose and harden. Some legwork after was a huge help since my arms got really tired after It was a good workout I think. My chest to arm area still hurts from day 1 but it's like I'm getting used to it. I'm not so tired today. On day 1 I just wanted to knock out afterwards. Had me a big breakfast but I'm also making changes to my food. I made myself a milkshake with almond milk instead of regular milk and omitted the ice cream. No cheese on my eggs, no chips or tortillas either I am determined!! 💪💪💪