Day 22

Why bother???


Once again, I don’t feel like following today’s prompt. What’s the point anymore listening to those emails? Any who, today is day 3 of being a lone wolf (that’s not entirely true of course). I visited UCF, it’s such a beautiful campus. I was able to obtain my parking decal and 7 books for ONE of my classes. That’s always fun of course. It’s been an extremely long and eventful day, I’m starting to break out a bit. Which sucks a big one but oh well. Exploring the campus was so exciting! I figured out where all my classes are going to be and which garage would be best to park at. This little outing has only made me want to start class even sooner. I’m so excited! However, I’m also anxious. I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’m also still waiting to hear back from the 4 jobs I applied to. I’m hoping that I’ll get a call this week so by next week I’ll start earning. 

Of course, I shouldn’t be too worried about money, school is 1000x more important. I need to be sure I’m settled and comfortable with school before I get all crazy about money. I know I can handle juggling work and school, I did it all of last year but, this time it’s different. I have rent and groceries to worry about each month. I never had real bills to be worried about before. I quite possibly might be over reacting. As I do tend to over think situations. It’s just hard not to worry about money when it’s an essential part of living in general. 

Tomorrow I plan on staying in and focusing on finishing up last minute holds/to-dos before school starts. As well as finding out about the rest of my stupid expensive books. Tomorrow is going to be a boring day; a real one this time. The others were boring but they eventually manifested into interesting days. Perhaps tomorrow shall be the same. 

End Word Count: 334/500

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