Day 22: Do spellwork.
Welcome to day 22! Thank you for staying with me! Today's mission builds on yesterday's. I want you to do some spellwork (whether or not it involves candle magic!)

Too often, we wait until we are in dire need of something before we attempt spellwork, and we can fall out of practice because of it. We can become overwhelmed by the urgency and emotion of whatever we are attempting, and I believe this is one of the reasons spellwork fails.

Just as the writer writes regularly in an effort to refine their craft, witches should do spellwork! So today, find some minor, trivial thing that could use a little divine intervention, and create or find spellwork for it.

Journaling Question of the Day

Plan out your spellwork. Keep it for posterity even if it doesn't work (or doesn't work the way you think it should.

Quote of the Day

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Come back tomorrow for the next step of the process – and if you enjoy what you’re getting here, please think about dropping a dollar in my virtual hat.