Day 23: Create a Spellwork or Ritual Playlist
Welcome to day 23! Thank you for staying with me! Today's mission is to create a playlist of music that you would use in spellwork or ritual. I am leaving the specifics up to you, but consider the following when you are choosing music:

What is the intent of what I am doing (spell or ritual)?

What kind of mood do I want to set?

Will the music raise or lower the energy?

Do I want to try to time the work?

I know that some of you may prefer to do your spellwork in absolute quiet - but I hope that isn't all of you! I have found that having the right music can make it easier to focus, and lends in building energy. So if you've never tried it before - try it just this once, for me?

I also hoped that this would be a fairly easy task for those of you joining me from the United States, where it is Thanksgiving!

Journaling Question of the Day

What songs did you pick and why?

Quote of the Day

Where words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Andersen

Come back tomorrow for the next step of the process – and if you enjoy what you’re getting here, please think about dropping a dollar in my virtual hat.