Today I went back to my experiments with pure Astrie armors. I didn’t get much done though, not enough time to find anything really interesting. Not to say it wasn’t useful, I’ve managed to isolate a couple parts which is the grunt work of this task.

Talus helped me take notes. It wasn’t really necessary but I wanted to hang out with her today, and board games are getting boring. It turned out to be really helpful though because she inspired me about another method i could use to dissect myself.

When i explained to her exactly how what i was doing works she asked me if i was specifying that it should only work for myself or if it should be working for anyone. As i have already explained the more specific i make something the more extreme the effects are, so i tried it. I kept the idea that anyone could use this armor in my mind while i made it and it worked, without changing the amount of my body that is being boosted i managed to decrease the effects by a pretty significant margin. 

This won’t help me dissect myself faster, nor will it make the process any less tedious, quite the contrary, instead it will allow me to dissect myself with a level of detail previously impossible. It has added a smaller knife to my tool kit if you will. 

I’m getting tired, It’s time for sleep. I really hate winter.

Anyway, Good Night Diary.

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