Day 3: Im supposed to meet my friend Jamie from high school in the city but I ditch plans and go to Times Square. Ive been here before, the center of the universe. A still place with life buzzing all around it. I like it in Times Square for that reason. A place where if you stop and are totally still, you can become a complete observer as if you were traveling with the ghost of Christmas present and life simply revolved around you. I take the train to my old neighborhood in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. Exiting then subway there is a couch in the street, a nice couch made of white leather with a sign on it that says “free beer” and points to a uhaul truck full of beer. I meet Matthew, who I instantly liked and we drink free beer on the couch in the center of bedfored ave. They are doing a promotion for an app. The cops don’t seem to care. This is where I later meet Erika. She loves the couch too. We talk all night with the streets revolving around us. Was this the center of the universe? Is it possible there are two?  Hours later I leave them with grace. Tomorrow I head to Massachusetts and cannot stay. I like to think the couch is still there. 
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