Day 3: Top Three Pet Peeves
1. Complaining is a waste of time to me. Life sucks sometimes, I get that. And I don't see anything wrong with venting. I have a pretty amazing support system and I use them whenever I need to get something off my chest. I would rather vent, use the feedback to identify what I am really upset about, and fix it. If you're that friend who only complains when we talk, we probably won't be friends for very long.

2. Bad service is a good way to upset me. If you work in the service industry, and you aren't there by force or court order, there is no excuse to give bad service. I know customers can be giant pains in the ass, so I offer amazing service until they treat me poorly and then I stop working with them. I worked in the restaurant and retail industries before joining the events and real estate worlds, so I get it. I don't ever resort to bad service out of spite, and I can't stand it when others do. Those are the people who give all service industry pros a bad name.

3. Willful neglect. If you have children or pets and you neglect them, you are a garbage human being. I saw stories after Hurricane Irma of pet owners who left their pets tied to trees and evacuated. I wanna punch those people in the face. That's an excellent gut check if you want to be a pet owner: if you have to evacuate, do you have a plan in place to take care of your pet? If not, no pets for you. I know it's not always that simple. Spare me the lecture. It just pisses me off. As for people who neglect children, I have no words for the rage. Yes I do. The words are YOU ARE A GARBAGE HUMAN BEING.


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