An artist friend started Patreon today, immediately I gave him a pledge, and he was kind enough to return one.

That's pretty cool, when you start to see your actions influence other artist. I hope his patreon page a success. Check him out here:

God Lee Kwang is a sound artist. I've heard of him since my college days. Like most sound artist, he plays with sound, blips and effects. To some it's a pretty abstract experience and to some it's great experience of art journeying into his landscapes of sound.

i enjoyed his show. Throughout the years, Goh Lee Kwang has been persistent. He maintain his acts and travelled the world. Today, he is more known, but still the crowd for sound artist is still very small in Malaysia.

I admire him for his persistent and I wish I could do the same for the indie comics scene in Malaysia. Because honestly there is none graphic novelist in Malaysia and I like to create at least one for Malaysia.

And once I'm done with this dream, I'll proceed to my bigger dream, which is to win an Oscar for Malaysia.


I know dream big!


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