Day 32: the sufferfest (part 1)
After a few challenges and delays we left Bridge Camp around 7:30am and headed back to the drop off point where we finished riding yesterday. By the time we got there and were ready to start the days riding the wind was pumping, it was already 9am, and hot. So we were in a bad place at the very start of the day. The profile for the day was meant to be easier with less climbing that the day before, only 600m compared with 1600m from the pervious day. That all meant nothing with the continual head wind and constant gradual uphill we all hurt from the first kilometre. Our 20 kilometre rest stops felt like we have cycled 40 by the time they came around. Through the town of Sinda, Bryan had gone ahead and arranged for us to camp at a local school. The school is currently on holiday, but the deptuty head master, Alex, generously offered for us to use the facilities to over night for the evening. The past 3 days Bobby hasn't left his tent with headaches and the runs, Warrick felt nauseous on the bike today and I had an early this evening with my stomach also not feeling amazing. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Sore score: 8/10