DAY 367
Most of my guy friends didn't turn up, but strangely, ironically, chicks did! :D Curator friend was surprised that I knew so many hotties, I find it weird too realizing that, and yet I'm still single :( Sigh.

Anyhow, this exhibition had led me to compare my first show opening long time ago, then I had so many friends who came, but this time, I guess it's the sign of how natural things are; people simply grow apart. Or I'm just more hateful ever than before HA! :D

You'll age, you'll have your family, your own circle of friends, your political beliefs, your religious beliefs, all these factors drive each individual to their own destination. I guess I have mine and they have theirs. All cool... That's life.

Some of them disgust me anyway, as I observe how they treat their maids, how they treat the foreign workers, you can easily tell someone's character by the way they order food in a mamak or how the way they treat thrash. Observe.

Dad dropped me off at the gallery on Sunday, I told him that there were four levels of stairs to climb and I would understand if he didn't want to come up. I looked at the door several times, somehow hoping he would walk in through the gallery doors, but of course, he didn't.

That's how it is, you are ashamed of your own work, yet you want your dear ones to be there to support you and to see them. And when they don't, well...some bitter truth has to be swallowed.

Below are more pictures from the show, we had fantastic music performances last night. Was dancing, drinking and partying. Great fun, like-minded people, chicks, cheap alcohol, screening of amazing animation films, meeting new people, etc. Hey, what else can I ask for more? :D

Till tomorrow, Patrons.


P/S: The exhibition will continue to run for another 2 weeks, please do feel free to share this and drop by the gallery, we are planning to have more performance, Stay tune: SHARE-SHARE-SHARE ;)