Day 4: I leave X’s house and go to the NYC port authority and board the Northampton, Mass. bound bus. I meet my college roommate and long time friend Dan. He’s a professor at city college. Dan has been dating Hannah for 6 years, I’ve never met her. We go to Stephen’s ouse where I will be staying for the next few days. Stephen is a middle aged man who has a cat named Lionell. The house is la museum of different artifacts, artwork, plants and items saved over his years. Dan and I go to dinner. We eat cheeseburgers and he tells me how an old weed dealer in New York got busted by the sea and how he used to send him money on the backs of paintings when he lived Berkley. We exchange goodbyes and Dan drops me off at Stephens. He and I chat for a few hours. I tell him how my mother died in January from Alzheimers disease. His mother passed from dementia. That is why I’m writing this. I sleep upstairs in a quiet room with an electric blanket. It reminds me of my mom. 
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